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Why New Years Resolutions are so important for Fitness Professionals | Training with Eric
Why New Years Resolutions are so important for Fitness Professionals

Dec 29th, 2015

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Why New Years Resolutions are so important for Fitness Professionals

Gym goers, I've heard most of you utter it, or something along the lines of, "I cannot wait for the resolutions to wear off."

Now I do understand there is territory for those who may say these types of things. Why wouldn't there be? You  train 5 days a week and pay more than one of the "dues" at your gym. So you simply like your territory. Completely clear on that.

However, there are so many people out there who are afraid and intimidated of the gym for that exact reason!

Let me briefly share my story. Several years ago I was looking for an outlet to help me deal with some things I was experiencing and choose the New Years resolution path like so many do. I walked into this place the owner was finishing her workout she asked me what she could do for me I started to tell her I lived nearby and she swiftly interjected and said, "so you want more muscle?" That was it for me!! I found my spot. I paid my dues without searching for another gym as I originally had planned. I rushed home changed into what I had in my dresser for gym clothes and when I came back she had already printed me every workout I needed, introduced me to the man who wrote it, and introduced me to someone who could help me with the exercises or any questions I had!

That was an overwhelming feeling of joy and acceptance into this healthy culture!

For fitness professionals New Years Resolutions happen quite often and are not limited to January! We are trusted by our constituents, clients, and customers to guide them to a healthier lifestyle. This means different things to everyone but generally and mainly it is about their health.

Getting ready for this New Years is important for Fitness Pro's and having empathy for those just starting out. I have experienced so many amazing transformations in my career and seeing individuals improve from session to session gives me tremendous joy and fulfillment. That was once me. Nobody is born an Olympian or professional athlete it takes a huge investment mentally and physically.

Our jobs are to embrace all and strengthen the vitality of those who we work with.


All the Best in 2016 and on


Eric Shaw


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