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Training | Focus on clients for bigger returns | Training with Eric
Training | Focus on clients for bigger returns

Feb 8th, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer

Training | Focus on clients for bigger returns

I think most trainers get certified, continue their education, and take on personal training clients to serve, educate, and help clients achieve their goals for a purpose greater than themselves. Most of us take each day as a new challenge as things present themselves and others create their own challenges to further themselves in a competitive field of work.

Both have great benefits and as a new client shopping for a trainer I believe that as long as a trainer is laser focused on what works for each person above and beyond anything else it doesn't matter what values they posses to further themselves the business world.

Being involved in fitness for around 7 years I have gone from trying to be at the gym all day grinding out 40-50 appointments a week to working only about 20-25 tops. I have to say I could absolutely not be happier! Its not just about the money and further advancing my market share (if that is a thing) in the business but being able to give the best service possible to my clients.

Arranging programs and schedules based on the individual and balancing them with my personal life schedules its like brokering life changing deals with each person! Everybody knows what to expect with a little bit of surprise to constantly progress and not adapt to training a certain way.

If I could choose one major component of a persons well being that I get to work with it would be that over the life of their fitness journey add value to each persons life to be able to never quit what they start no matter the circumstance!


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