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"I am extremely happy with my results and I know you are the best." Tennille Richards-Dyson MScA., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Every time I'm training and I feel like I cannot complete another rep, I hear your voice in my head saying "go go go". Thank you!  —Ryan Jenks


I've been meaning to write this for a while- two weeks ago I received the best compliment thus far in my weight loss journey. A friend of mine was visiting from NC and hadn't seen me since May. While I was talking to him he randomly asked if I had lost weight because I was looking like I had. It is so hard for the people who see you day in and day out to notice a change- it is even harder to notice when looking in the mirror every day. After a week or so of struggling with the normal emotions that come with trying to lose the weight- this compliment was the motivation needed to keep going. I've been working with Eric since May and will continue to do so until I reach my goals. I can honestly say I would not be anywhere near where I am today and where I want to be without his help. —Emily Grabowski


If you're ready to put a get in shape plan into action but need a little help, then schedule a session with Eric. He'll take the time to hear your goals and assess your needs and design a program that's just for you. And, he'll be there for you every step of the way. With his help, you wont be able to not believe in yourself. — Tim Warner


I have always been heavy. I gained weight both during and after college. I did weight watchers on and off for several years with 20-30 pound loss and gain and loss and gain. During a moment of self reflection I wanted to eat healthier no more TV dinners and wanted to cook for myself. I also knew that I needed to workout, but I tend to lose motivation after a few months. I thought that a personal trainer might help me with this goal of weight loss and a healthier life style. I found Eric Shaw on groupon and thought it was a good deal and if i liked what he had to say and the results, I would keep going even though I knew it would be a stretch on my teachers salary. I chose him over other deals because of the information on his website, how he focuses on the whole person both diet and exercise as well as self esteem. Those first few sessions were hard, I was sore and hungry all the time, but I always looked forward to working out. This was kind of a new idea for me, I have not really enjoyed working out,then usually stopped. Changing my eating habits has been a continual work in progress. Eric has always provided many new recipes and food options. After 6 months I have lost several inches from all over my body, 12 pounds, two pant size! What I did not expect was the gain in self confidence and a new out look and attitude about working out. I am very happy with leap of faith that I took to try something new and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me. — Lisa Swartz


Eric has been at the center of my complete transformation these past 2 months. I see results weekly. I look better, but most importantly feel better. His motivation keeps me going. I'm going to stick with him! — Tricia


Before I started training with Eric, I thought I'd tried it all: working out at home, at the gym, alone or in a class, even with another personal trainer. Nothing worked and nothing changed. Then a friend introduced me to Eric; within a few weeks everything started to change. Eric's never-ending support and encouragement keep his clients motivated to succeed. If you're looking for an easy workout, be my guest... but if you're looking for a challenge like you've never had before and you're ready to get some results... Stop Looking!!! — Carol



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