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Stop Obsessing Over the Numbers on the Scale! | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer | Training with Eric
Stop Obsessing Over the Numbers on the Scale!

Apr 22nd, 2014

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Stop Obsessing Over the Numbers on the Scale!

People are obsessed with the numbers they see on the scale and their pant sizes.  With all the information we have available about health, nutrition, and resources for exercise, how come so many people fail to lose weight and keep it off?

It's quite simple actually. The obsession behind weight loss and the focus on the scale.

Does that make sense?

I believe when a person knows what size they may want to be or set a goal weight, it defeats the efforts needed to get to the goal before they even get started.

Does that sound logical? Of course it does!

This is how I channel each person's energy at the very beginning of their first consultation. Acknowledging they do in fact have a goal "measurement" however, they need to focus on the fundamentals to get them there and that is simply health and fitness first.

The challenge is in the everyday thoughts and broadcasting through speech--that is how you get what you want. We do not undo anything. We do health and fitness. Focus on getting stronger, feeling better, eating smart, and supporting what we want--never what we don't want.

Measurements are a waste of time as far I'm concerned.  I risked my entire fitness career by not focusing on weight or inches, but on developing self-esteem and pride of the process in my clients. Measurements are for statisticians, not trainers.

Trainers challenge their clients to improve. Not the scale to move.

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