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Speed Up Your Metabolism with Walking | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer | Training with Eric
Speed up your metabolism with Walking

Apr 13th, 2014

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Speed up your metabolism with Walking

Speed up your metabolism with these walking routines.

Summer is upon us and in my hometown of Rochester, New York it's been a long winters night.

We have caught up with winter sitcoms  on the treadmills and our bodies have adjusted to the same old boring routines.

Time to shake it up with a few moves to our everyday walks. The key will be focused interval training to increase the heart rate and build a stronger metabolism.

Here is the routine

Warm up - jump rope without the jump rope. Shift feet forwards backwards and laterally all while swinging your wrists and elbows performs for about 90 seconds

Now that your heart rate is up let's focus on resistance and building some muscles. Pick a destination I suggest about 25-30 meters and do walking lunges to the destination. As you build you may increase distance.

Super. Now your heart rate is up and your muscles feel alive time to kick is up with some race walking. This technique you may have seen early morning patron "mall walkers". Now I'm not a distance runner I've always been more of a sprinter because my knees cannot tolerate long distance. Use your entire body clench your arms and swing with each step. Powering through a walk can unlock the potential each of us has for increased metabolism. As you is sweat through this workout be sure to drink a lot of water so your cells stay hydrated.

The more you do this workout you can include more jump rope and lunges between powerful bursts of walking.

Share with your friends and get out there this summer!!

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