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Pre-Workout Supplements | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer | Training with Eric
Pre-Workout Supplements

Apr 5th, 2014

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Pre-Workout Supplements

Everyone has tried them and everyone has there opinions about them. Pre-workout supplements have become more and more popular and with all the ingredients and all the competition out there, the questions are, “what do you really need,” and “what ingredients should you look for?”

Like any training program it needs to follow the blueprint of the goals you are planning to achieve. Supplementing your nutrition can play a vital role in this plan. This is where you need to decide if a pre-workout supplement is right for you and your goals.

Here is a short list of benefits a pre-workout supplement can provide


  • - increased focus
  • - higher energy levels
  • - enhanced training capacity

This sounds appealing, doesn't it?  I personally have used many varieties of these supplements and have found that they all have a common trait and ingredient. Caffeine, there it is,  the all-purpose ingredient that body builders, athletes, and trainers have used for generations to benefit their training. Caffeine is the major fundamental component to every pre-workout on the market. Deciding how to use it in your training is up to you. I suggest based on my experiences using this ingredient 20-30 minutes before a workout and sipping on a beverage during your workout such as coffee or the formula of your choice. If you are using this method everyday you must stay well hydrated and you must not do this close to your bed time. I would suggest giving yourself at least 5 hours before your usual bedtime and I would not exceed 125mg of caffeine at one time.

Now that we know what we need lets discuss a few of my favorite ingredients and their benefits

Beta alanine

Beta alanine is a major player among amino acids and every athlete can benefit by using it. Beta alanine allows your muscles to work harder and longer. Because you need to give 100% each workout in order to see maximum results I choose to mention it as my first ingredient.


Another major amino acid citrulline gets my second mention of ingredients I look for in a pre-workout. Muscle builders always talk about having a great pump and I personally covet that feeling to maximize my workout. Citrulline has been proven to support that feeling and provide the energy and endurance to enhance it by supporting arginine levels in your body. The two go together like bread and butter.


High levels of this vitamin support DNA synthesis in your body. Now what does that mean for your workout? Want a faster metabolism? Want to create an anabolic atmosphere in your body? Then this is your vitamin! It is found in high protein foods but because you don't want to eat a large meal before an intense workout I look for this ingredient in a pre-workout supplement.

To better guide you through your next pre-workout purchase  please feel free to leave a comment below and feel free to share with your workout buddies!


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