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Training with Eric » Laura S.
Laura S.


laurab4&aClient Testimonial

I had always been an active kid growing up. My parents got me involved in sports at an early age and I swam competitively for many years. After college and the excitement of things to follow (wedding, house, career), I found myself settling into a routine that no longer involved working out. It took a toll on me, and as I approached my 30th birthday I knew I was in bad shape. I had gained weight, I had a terrible diet, and worst of all I had severe stomach issues. After a full year of doctor appointments, invasive tests, and trial medicines, I decided to make a change. I re-joined the gym and completely changed my diet. I lost almost 30 pounds over the course of a year and my stomach issues completely went away.

However, I knew I needed to stay motivated and take my workouts to the next level, so I reached out to Eric Shaw after a friend recommended him to me. I began personal training with Eric twice a week and loved the results. I felt and looked great, and I was becoming the strongest I had been since high school. Eric employs a unique and refreshing approach to personal training in a comfortable atmosphere. He listens to my concerns but always pushes me to try my hardest. I enjoy Eric's innovative and creative exercises and the fact that he doesn't just move his clients from machine to machine. I leave each personal training session exhausted but stronger, and looking forward to my next appointment.

It has been four years since I made my lifestyle change and I owe much of my success to Eric. I'm stronger, happier, and most importantly, healthier. I've managed to maintain my healthy habits through Eric's encouragement, workouts, and meal planning guidance. I'd highly recommend Eric Shaw to anyone looking to take that next step, or even their first step, into fitness.
Laura S.

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