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Training with Eric » Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller

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Client Testimonial

Eric has been a wonderful mentor and motivator for me. He has been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I couldn't be happier!




In May 2012 I was approximately 6 months into my journey to focus on my health and well-being. I had lost approximately 30 pounds and had hit a plateau with my weight loss. I was referred to Eric Shaw, personal trainer by a friend and, although I was apprehensive about continuing my journey with a trainer, I decided to give him a try.

Eric was ready and willing to jump right in and my initial appointment was a recount of my health up until this point followed by a training session. After my first session, I remember going home doubting whether or not I had what it takes to meet Eric’s expectations. I decided to continue with training despite my reservations and am forever grateful that I did.

Eric was exactly what I needed in a trainer and his expectations in me exceeded what I could see at that point in time. Eric was able to balance providing support and advice as I overcame hurdles with pushing me further than I believed I could go. He always demanded the best in me and wasn’t afraid to prompt me to push further, lift more or workout longer as he saw fit. I learned to trust his judgment and was able to develop a professional relationship in which I was able to improve my habits and gain control of my eating and workouts. Eric’s thorough investigation of my habits including diet, exercise and sleep resulted in a new nutrition and exercise regime Eric constructed personally for me.

Eric took the time to retrain not only my body but my mind, offered me nutrition counseling at each visit and was available to answer my questions as I needed between visits. He introduced me to the science of weight-lifting and helped me to gain strength as we continued our training. With his help I lost over 20 additional pounds but more importantly toned my body. During this time others noticed tremendous changes in my body as I continued to tone my muscles, decrease body fat and appear physically leaner. The information he provided me throughout our sessions regarding nutrition and exercise have proved to be invaluable as I continue to practice them today. When people ask me about my weight loss journey, I always recommend they train with Eric as he has helped mold me into the athlete I am today. With his help I was able to reach my full potential, affirm my inner strength and rediscover the person I had been. I have always been a goal-oriented person and have set and achieved major goals including my first Triathlon in August 2013 and my first half marathon in April 2014. As I look back on all I have accomplished, it is clear to me that Eric saw the drive I had to change into a happier, healthier more successful person and empowered me to identify and harvest that motivation that helped me reach my goals.












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