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New Years Resolutions Part Four. One month in

Jan 31st, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer

New Years Resolutions Part Four. One month in

One month into the new year where are you at with your fitness goals? Have you lost a few pounds? Has your sleep improved? Do you wake up excited to go to the gym? Maybe you haven't even started and you are reading this telling yourself thanks for the reminder. Now is the time for me to step in and tell you its ok but you need to have a mission plan and a motivation. So what is your why? You want to lose weight to fit into that expensive Hickey Freeman suit without tailoring it? Brides getting ready for the big day? Those seem like motivating factors but I think you can dream bigger than that. What is the real reason you need to get healthier? Time better spent with your family so you can not have to worry about early aging affects of being inactive.

Tomorrow is February 1st. If you need a kick in the butt CONTACT ME NOW!!!

My motivation is being there for my family and when I set out to do something putting myself around the right people and getting the systems in place to do it. So what do I do everyday? My motivation board in my office as I sit typing this out to you all look at a picture like this one.


Talk is cheap though! I know you want proof that this stuff works and that there are a million trainers out there. HERE ARE MY SUCCESS STORIESIf that's not enough and you want someone with higher education and elaborate systems let me say this before you give your hard earned money away. Higher education does not mean that what they teach you is always right. Science is proven, yes I agree but the enthusiasm, professionalism, and reputation I carry is second to none.

I have worked many years perfecting my systems and in 2016 they are better than ever. CONTACT ME TODAY and I will show you how easy it is to get started with me in a fully equipped private training studio.

What kind of person are you? The kind of person that worries and doesn't take action or will you go out today and do something you always set out to. Lets put our minds together and take this down as a team.

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