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Training with Eric | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer Rochester, NY - Part 2

Personal Training

Personal Training that is relevant to YOU! I train out of a private studio where all we focus on is getting you the results you always wanted. Meal plan, exercise adherence, cardio periods all are included in my month to month fitness plan. As your personal trainer and fitness leader my goal is to help improve your well being forever!

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First timers and experienced competitors from all over the North East travel to our group sessions. Sundays during competition seasons I offer one-on-one posing sessions for Men's Physique Competitors who are thinking about doing a show as well as experienced competitors who need an environment of an experienced coach.

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Success Story

If you're ready to put a get in shape plan into action but need a little help, then schedule a session with Eric. He'll take the time to hear your goals and assess your needs and design a program that's just for you. And, he'll be there for you every step of the way. With his help, you wont be able to not believe in yourself. — Tim Warner

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Our blog has great tips and tricks. Enter and read articles of Training with Ericc ! I can help everyone achieve the results because I have helped so many yield them as well as achieve my own. Knowing this I never bore or burnout because I love helping others grow with each phase of their training. Find out more in our blogs

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Feb 8th, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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Training | Focus on clients for bigger returns

I think most trainers get certified, continue their education, and take on personal training clients to serve, educate, and help clients achieve their goals for a purpose greater than themselves. Most of us take each day as a new challenge as things present themselves and others create their own challenges to further themselves in a […]

Jan 31st, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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New Years Resolutions Part Four. One month in

One month into the new year where are you at with your fitness goals? Have you lost a few pounds? Has your sleep improved? Do you wake up excited to go to the gym? Maybe you haven’t even started and you are reading this telling yourself thanks for the reminder. Now is the time for […]

Jan 12th, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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New Years Resolutions Part 3: Focus on dream like its the last thing you will ever do!

We all have our own version of what we think a miracle is. I’m specifically referring to the possibilities of achieving what you thought to be impossible. If you think that you want something you have already started the process of achieving it.   “I want my 18 year old body back.” This would be […]

Jan 3rd, 2016

Category: Self Investing
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New Years Resolutions Part 2

If you are starting a new program in 2016 to improve your wellbeing, what would I suggest concentration on first? Nutrition+Daily Activity=Results You need to start with one or the other however I strongly advise starting with your eating habits. When you first I’m guessing you are conscious what you put into your body but aren’t […]

Dec 29th, 2015

Category: Uncategorized
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Why New Years Resolutions are so important for Fitness Professionals

Gym goers, I’ve heard most of you utter it, or something along the lines of, “I cannot wait for the resolutions to wear off.” Now I do understand there is territory for those who may say these types of things. Why wouldn’t there be? You  train 5 days a week and pay more than one […]

Dec 11th, 2015

Category: Uncategorized
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November/December 2015 Trainer of the Month Courtesy of Fitness Edge Media

I was honored to be nominated November/December Fitness Edge Media Trainer of the Month. It has been a blessing to work with so many individuals on their health and fitness goals over the last few years. Nothing is more satisfying than leading people to do their very best! I want to thank John Hutchings for […]

Aug 7th, 2015

Category: Uncategorized
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12 week Personal Training package

  Results typically do not come easy. Before winning you must know the conditions in order to win.   My 12 week program will alter your mind-set and differentiate what you want and what you need to do! Everyone has an opinion on what they WANT to do to alter their physique or shed some […]

Apr 28th, 2015

Category: Uncategorized
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Personal Training Special!! Rochester, NY here we go!

Want to try something new? Or better yet something that works?!   I’ve experienced tremendous feedback on website traffic with my free meal planning, facebook, instagram, and blog posts now I want to offer you a crazy deal on the entire package!   $100 Biweekly Personal Training!!!   I will get you in the gym […]

Mar 27th, 2015

Category: Uncategorized
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Training With Eric Burrito Bowls

Not a lot of time for food prep? Boy have I heard that one before! Here is a recipe you can make using a stock pot that will yield so many portions that you will have to freeze some and save for later in the month.   Here is a list of what you will […]