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November/December 2015 Trainer of the Month Courtesy of Fitness Edge Media | Training with Eric
November/December 2015 Trainer of the Month Courtesy of Fitness Edge Media

Dec 11th, 2015

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November/December 2015 Trainer of the Month Courtesy of Fitness Edge Media

I was honored to be nominated November/December Fitness Edge Media Trainer of the Month. It has been a blessing to work with so many individuals on their health and fitness goals over the last few years. Nothing is more satisfying than leading people to do their very best! I want to thank John Hutchings for spending so much time giving back to the fitness community and putting people in touch with great resources to lead healthier lives!


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Recently, Eric moved his personal training business to a studio at the intersection of Empire Blvd and Gravel Road in Webster. An avid baseball player in adult leagues and a Natural Men’s Physique competitor, Eric values all the benefits of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle that includes regular exercise and proper diet, regardless of your goals in life. We caught up with Eric at his new studio recently, here is some of that conversation:

How and why did you start in the personal training business?

Funny thing, I didn’t know I was going to start until one of my workout partners suggested that I obtain a personal training certification and train them! So that would be he how. The ‘why’ came much later on. When I started training it was early on in high school in a musty old junior high basement. The encouragement we gave each other to succeed in the weight room to be better track athletes resonated inside of me. I realized that having someone there who is experienced can offer tremendous value as a service. That’s the business ‘why’ - value and demand. Over time, your value grows the more you can experience with your clients’ and your personal journey. It was really like an epiphany early on.

What diet and nutrition education have you received?

The first part of my nutrition education I received while pursuing my associates’ degree, I took two courses: Basic Nutrition and Diet therapy. When I completed my first certification from the ISSA it dissembled a lot of myths about fat loss, weight management basics so I continued pursuing more knowledge by completing their Sports Nutrition Programs which better made me understand exercise tolerance and adaptations and training/
nutritional loads for athletes. I often go back through these courses when I have people who need in depth counseling.


How do you keep up on your fitness training knowledge?

Show up everyday. Open my eyes. Keep mouth shut. Best way to learn.

Imagine a client is discouraged during a training session. How do you keep them motivated?

The road to success is never a straight road. Everyone has bad days and you can’t let bad days define you. You are what you think you are. I have a long running inside joke that your trainer is also your therapist.

What are your long term goals in the fitness industry?

I have not had a ‘moment of clarity’ with this one, but I know that when it’s all said and done I hope that I will have inspired many to do their very best, not to have cut corners or waited around and let things happen. You can’t take anything with you so the more you give the more that’s left for everyone.

If you were not doing personal training what else would you be doing?

I’ve always wanted to be one of those self-sustaining folks. Pole barn, tractors, firewood, vegetable beds, golden retrievers or labs. Probably wouldn’t need any cardio equipment maybe just a weight room somewhere out there.

Favorite workout music?

Slayer, Black Sabbath, Metallica. I like all sorts of twisted metal but classics are the best. If not those I like house music, either of those help me workout at good pace.

Your major influences in the fitness business?

I think everyone likes Arnold, that’s an easy answer. His principles: don’t be afraid to fail, work hard on what you love, don’t take shortcuts. Those are things that mean something in every aspect of your life. I admire anyone in this business that works hard for their health and promotes wellness to improve lives. You can tell who’s in it for themselves and who is in it for improving lives.

Number one piece of fitness advice you give others?

You get one life. Don’t sleep on it. Don’t give up on yourself. Nobody is going to do it but you. Time’s ticking…

Favorite workout apparel? Function over fashion. In high school I got thrown out of baseball practice and had to sit out a game for showing up with my Seattle Mariners hat on backwards trying to imitate Ken Griffey Jr.

What is your personal training philosophy?

Everyone is busy so you have to make time for your health. Focus on what you want and fill your mind with positive thoughts. You will become what you think about most.

Favorite fitness gadget? I love Fitness Pal, because I’m always changing up my diet. I pretty much eat on the same schedule every day and often prepare many of the same meals throughout the week. It’s good to know where you stand each day, where your balance is coming from nutritionally, or where you may be lacking. I encourage all my clients to track their daily nutrition using fitness pal.

You can reach Eric to find out more at ericshawfitness@gmail.com

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