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Eric Shaw Personal Trainer Rochester, NY | Not Everyone Wants to be a Bodybuilder, but Everyone wants more muscle | Training with Eric
Not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but EVERYBODY wants more muscle.

Jul 9th, 2014

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Not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but EVERYBODY wants more muscle.

Eating less does not equate to weight loss. It's actually counterproductive. Recently I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app again on my iPhone. I like that you can share diaries with friends and that you can "spy" on clients food journals, but I've noticed a common mistake made by many when they weight loss is their goal: Malnutrition. Yes, that's right, they starve their bodies and because our bodies easily adapt they may or may not experience small amounts of weight loss and over time and increase the size of fat cells in their bodies.

They are building an efficient body for storing more fat.

Not everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but EVERY BODY wants more muscle.

This is true no matter how old you are! And even if you do not covet the physique of a competitor or fitness model you are dead wrong if you do not think your body wants more muscle.

Here is why:

Fat store happens even in active people. Regardless of genetic predisposition. Runners. "Cardio bunnies". Weekend warriors. These types of athletes who do not incorporate a program with the goal of muscle hypertrophy using anaerobic, strength building resistance often will have an "efficient" body type built for endurance. They store fat easily because they simply are feeding feeding their fat stores and not their lean body mass (muscle).

Malnutrition will lead to greater fat storage as well. Under eating will not lead to any muscle gains and while you may experience temporary relief on the scale the long term effects will slow progress dramatically of building a leaner stronger body.

In conclusion here are the areas that everyone can focus to create a biologically sound environment internally to build lean muscle.

1) 50/50 split anaerobic and    aerobic strength and endurance training

2) TRAIN with a goal in mind and if you have never worked with a qualified personal trainer you must find one that motivates you and can help you adhere to the exercises you must learn or relearn. Honor that goal. If you cannot honor it with your deviation to it then stop whining!!!

3) Nutrition density!!! A calorie is not a calorie. Diets that are high in carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index, Moderate amounts of protien, and low in fat are the best for muscle recovery.

4) DRINK WATER all day everyday anywhere from 80 to 120 ounces a day!

5) No excuses. Workout even when you do not feel like it. Colds. Appointments. Parties. etc. not valid excuses. KEEP your body moving even if you exercise often. Humans are evolved to hunt for their food, climb, run, jump, and have strong lean bodies. Your genetics are no excuse! 1,000,000 years of perfect evolution will dismiss that argument every time. GET OF YOUR ASS AND STEP AWAY FROM THE SNACKS!

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