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New Years Resolutions Part 2 | Training with Eric
New Years Resolutions Part 2

Jan 3rd, 2016

Category: Self Investing

New Years Resolutions Part 2

If you are starting a new program in 2016 to improve your wellbeing, what would I suggest concentration on first?

Nutrition+Daily Activity=Results

You need to start with one or the other however I strongly advise starting with your eating habits. When you first I'm guessing you are conscious what you put into your body but aren't expecting an outcome from doing so. The number one piece of advice I can give you is start by slowly cutting out excessive sugars and processed foods. Look at food labels concentrate on doing most of your grocery shopping on the OUTSIDE  aisles of the store. Fresh produce, lean proteins, organic dairy products, and my favorite frozen veggies for majority of your meal prepping and frozen fruits for your liquid meals. We all start somewhere right? I promise if you can concentrate here alone you will experience amazing outcome! You will have more mental clarity, increased energy levels, have the ability to be more active and improve your sleep patterns.Once you have created a nice diverse menu for yourself you no longer need to concentrate much effort in this area.

Moving on to daily activities. Do what invigorates you! You should try different things. A lot of people have come to me to train over the years and I make sure to tell them how much I value their time and in return they express their appreciation by working extremely hard.  My clients range from professionals with spouses and children, start-up young professionals who are looking for ways to improve their lives, entrepreneurs , folks with disabilities and retirees. I tell them it is important to do whatever works for you, but you need to do it everyday. Find a combination of the following things recreational sports or games, gym(s), parks, group exercise classes. Do not leave out active recovery techniques such as massage, chiropractor, or acupuncture. This should keep you extremely busy and reinvesting into your health. Budget these as if it is necessity like paying your mortgage or rent.

You can have whatever you want if you do whatever it takes!

All the best in the New Years


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