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How does training while ill affect me | Training with Eric
How does training while ill affect me?

Feb 16th, 2016

Category: Fitness advice

How does training while ill affect me?


Even a mild sickness might interrupt your regular exercise routine. Should you exercise while sick or should you just take a break from the usual workout? The answer of course depends on the degree of illness.

Say, if you are sneezing and coughing, continuing with the exercise regime is not a bad idea at all. It has been argued that moderate workout might actually have favorable impact on cold symptoms. However, there are times when exercising might have detrimental impacts on your health. So how does one decide?

The Neck Check

You can perform a neck check when you do not know whether to exercise or not. If your symptoms of your illness are located above the neck, like occasional sneeze or coughing or a running nose, then low intensity exercises should be harmless. However, if the symptoms are located below the neck, like intestinal problems, muscle pain or fever, then resting is a healthier choice. However, the decision whether to exercise or not, depends more on your common sense.


How to work out when you are sick?

If you are a fitness freak, or if you are very particular about your workout regime, you will find it difficult to give up exercising at least in trivial sickness. What you can do is avoid going to a gym for your workout.

You can instead resort to some outdoor fitness regimes like walking, jogging or doing light exercises in the fresh open air. Exercising boost immunit. Therefore, if the illness is not extreme, you can continue to exercise, but you should reduce the intensity and duration of your workout regime.


Some exercises that can be safely practiced when ill are stretching your limbs and taking a walk to improve blood circulation. Sitting on the edge of your bed you can stretch out your arms and hold them at shoulder level for a couple of minutes. Also, you can lay on your back, raise your leg up straight. Hold it for say 10 seconds and then repeat the exercise for the other leg. Stretching keeps the body joints flexible. A walk around the house or in the garden is not at all harmful. It keep blood in circulation and prevents blood clotting. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you take alot of rest in between the exercises.


If you are suffering from any chronic sickness then, you can receive immense benefits by exercising. Chronically ill patients may witness reduced stress levels and better mood by following a good exercise regime. Exercises suggested for such patients include outdoor activities including biking, walking,  swimming, climbing and walking down stairs, push ups and practicing yoga. In fact yoga is a great option as it combines stretching, relaxation and also provides mental peace.


You should just make sure that you correctly perceive the signals your body gives you. If you feel that the sickness is worsening due to your exercising regime, then you should immediately contact your doctor. He will guide you with continue to exercise only if your body allows you to. Otherwise, taking a few days off till you regain your health and are fit to exercise again is a better idea.



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