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Client Spotlight: Amy | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer | Training with Eric
Client Spotlight: Amy

Apr 30th, 2014

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Client Spotlight: Amy

AmyBeforeAfterWhen I first met Amy I knew after a long talk about health, family, and careers that she wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle and even had a goal in mind.

She was like many people--she had a busy lifestyle and couldn't quite figure out how to manage her health. Having being told she was pre-diabetic by her doctor was a wake up call for Amy. She followed up with me about a few conversations we have had and decided it was her time.

At the get go Amy successfully lost 10-15 pounds with ease after making a few alterations. Things were going great! In the past Amy had struggled once reaching a certain "weight loss plateau" I knew this was a defining moment and Amy had a lot to gain from what she was about to experience.

The weight wasn't coming of easily any more, but I was certain with a few nutritional strategies and encouragement Amy would leave her past behind.

I honestly don't even believe it was the nutritional adjustment because she actually started eating more! It was the fact that she believed in herself and everyday she balanced her lifestyle without even paying attention to the scale.

Before long she eclipsed an over 30 pound weight loss and more importantly is changing her body composition and her fitness levels!



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