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Eric Shaw Personal Trainer Rochester, NY | Kaytlin's First Bikini Competition | Training with Eric
Client Spotlight: Kaytlin’s First Bikini Competition

May 14th, 2014

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Client Spotlight: Kaytlin’s First Bikini Competition

kaytlin&IWhen I first met Kaytlin, it was in my abs class at Boundaries Gym. She was motivated from the idea of having six pack abs. I recall her spending a lot of time doing cardio and doing the moves we did in abs class. After a little encouragement, I had her lifting weights, doing full body circuits and I knew she had the potential to one day do one of the local bodybuilding shows. I recruited her based on her work ethic and gave her any advice I could along the ways.

Here is what transpired in her own words after that:

kaytlin2 kaytlin1"How did I get started? One Sunday morning while on the treadmill at the gym (Irondequoit Fitness) I saw all the female competitors in their bathing suits practicing posing for the upcoming Bodybuilding, figure and bikini competition. I saw how awesome they all looked and decided that I wanted to do that, I want to look awesome. A couple months later in late November I told Eric that I wanted to train for the show in April 2014 and that was when we started training. Instead of losing weight I actually had to gain weight and Eric gave me a diet to make that happen. I not only gained the weight I needed too, but I also gained a good amount of muscle. Now that my first competition is behind me I am so excited to keep building myself a better, stronger body and compete again next season. Having such a supportive trainer like Eric and so many supportive friends at the gym is what kept me on track and what will continue to keep me going. They are all there helping me to do my best and be there for me. I never thought I would have ended up competing in bikini competitions, but I am more than happy that I started. Eric has inspired me so much along this journey and always pushes me to do my best; he not only is a great trainer but a great friend as well."  -Kaytlin G.


For more information about bikini competition prep Contact Eric.



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