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Trainer Bio | Training with Eric
Trainer Bio

EricHeadshot_webI have always been an athlete but a few years gone from college I found myself working long hours, nights, weekends and leaving not making my health a priority. It wasn't like I had time for the gym or time to spend prepping healthy food choices, right? Well one day I was carrying a 50# bag of pizza dough flour out of a basement stockroom and I found myself extremely short of breath and light headed. What gives I thought?

Later that evening after reflecting on the day I had I looked at myself and it occurred to me that I was so far gone that I was “a skinny fat guy.” Now because sometimes I have my own way of referencing things that meant that I was skinny with no healthy muscle tone what so ever in my body. What had happened?

I tell you what that was a defining moment in my life because it was like I was on the verge of having cardiac arrest or a pulmonary embolism. Foreshadowing made me realize that I had to take immediate action. I started looking around the area for a low key gym that was run by a Personal Trainer and found on in the basement of a busy plaza in Greece,NY.

The owner was a someone who had experienced their own transformation and helped many others reach their fitness goals. Along the way I met some experienced body builders, everyday “gym rats”, and people who where successful in the fitness industry. This was my new home because I forged a relationship with all of these nice people and learned a great deal about myself.

One thing I took note of that every single member, trainer, or industry person had in common is that they all used the gym to deal with personal issues in their life. It was like I had found gold at the end of the rainbow so early in my journey. These people showed me how to execute exercises safely and I was lucky enough to learn a little bit about them as well. Sharing and passion was part of every one of their personalities. I craved to be that type of person and began to research ways to help people out in their everyday lives.

I found it one day in my favorite body building magazine. Become a personal trainer I thought and I didn't really have the money to pay for the course but after watching my friends I knew there was no excuses. If you wanted something you had to just do it!!

A Personal Trainer, I thought, has to embody this attitude and you can't teach that. You simply have to experience it by living that way everyday. No excuses. You want something? Just do it. Mistakes will happen. Road blocks happen. Things need to be paused from time to time. But you never give up. Ever.

I got certified as a trainer and along the way I was helping several friends until one day a good friend of mine said,”you know I know a good trainer when I see one.” That was a huge compliment coming from her because she was a trainer herself. Then she said, “Why don't we try to set something up with my friend who owns a gym and you can just train me there?” I was floored.

The rest is history really. I since have had the opportunity to shape many peoples lives from the age of 14 to 80 something. I quit my government job, gave up my pension, gave up my health benefits and consider myself a great example of living to live because quite honestly Personal Training is not a real job. It is a love for people, it is a love for building or shaping another persons life. When someone has a goal it becomes my goal and I will do whatever it takes to get them where they want to be if they are willing to put forth the effort it takes.

My name is Eric Shaw and I live to help others achieve because I know what it takes.