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Training with Eric | Eric Shaw Personal Trainer Rochester, NY

Personal Training

Personal Training that is relevant to YOU! I train out of a private studio where all we focus on is getting you the results you always wanted. Meal plan, exercise adherence, cardio periods all are included in my month to month fitness plan. As your personal trainer and fitness leader my goal is to help improve your well being forever!

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First timers and experienced competitors from all over the North East travel to our group sessions. Sundays during competition seasons I offer one-on-one posing sessions for Men's Physique Competitors who are thinking about doing a show as well as experienced competitors who need an environment of an experienced coach.

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Success Story

If you're ready to put a get in shape plan into action but need a little help, then schedule a session with Eric. He'll take the time to hear your goals and assess your needs and design a program that's just for you. And, he'll be there for you every step of the way. With his help, you wont be able to not believe in yourself. — Tim Warner

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Our blog has great tips and tricks. Enter and read articles of Training with Ericc ! I can help everyone achieve the results because I have helped so many yield them as well as achieve my own. Knowing this I never bore or burnout because I love helping others grow with each phase of their training. Find out more in our blogs

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Aug 9th, 2016

Category: Fitness advice
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Secrets to getting into the best shape of your life.

We all know how eating style and working out frequently can get you into great shape but what other intangibles stand between mediocre and those who walk around in good shape almost year round. I’m going to help you unlock those secrets in a brief summary.   #1 TRAIN MAD Of course there are conflicting […]

Jun 30th, 2016

Category: Uncategorized
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Any fitness level is better than no fitness level. I don’t just train people with great physiques I train people who want to get their beak wet and begin their fitness journey. I often say my job is to provide a platform for lifetime adherence of fitness for my  clients. If EVERYONE trained with me […]

Apr 10th, 2016

Category: Special Offer
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Personal Training Special 2016

Many of my clients from 2015 benefited from this program in 2015 I’m now re offering it in 2016. Here is a basic summary: *Weekly fitness programming along with cardio duration and intensity levels *we will aim to meet 3 days a week or more depending on your schedule *Small group training (2-4) people for […]

Apr 3rd, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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Ketogenic Diet Benefits

Ketogenic Diet Benefits One of the hottest approaches in weight loss that is sweeping the industry is the idea of the ketogenic diet weight loss programs. These are extreme low-carb diets where the aim is to be in a state of ketosis, meaning that the body is burning fat as fuel as opposed to glucose. […]

Mar 8th, 2016

Category: Fitness advice
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Strength Training For Adolescent Children

Coaches and Athletic trainers are often asked about the safety and effectiveness of strength training and weight training programs for adolescents. For the purposes of this article, an adolescent is defined as a young person between puberty and adulthood, generally age 12 or 13 to age 17. While a definitive answer should be explored and […]

Mar 3rd, 2016

Category: Bodybuilding Food
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Best Preworkout Foods

      Are you the type of person that never eats before exercise? If so, do you often become tired and irritable half way into your workout? If you answered yes to these questions you should read on. Unfortunately, you are not alone! There are millions of athletes and casual exercisers who mistakenly believe […]

Feb 27th, 2016

Category: Fitness advice
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Benefits of foam rolling

Athletes, fitness trainers and physical therapists have been using and promoting foam rolling for years to relax and “release” tight muscles. Foam rolling is a technique used to massage your muscles and soft tissues in order to promote myofascial release, the relaxing of the connective tissue layer that surrounds muscle tissue which can become painfully […]

Feb 22nd, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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Most effective supplements for Weight loss

  Weight loss is not just associated with exercise workouts. There are certain natural supplements and vitamins that are exceptionally helpful in achieving your weight loss goals and objectives. You don’t need to have these in surplus amounts, but you need to make certain your body is not deficient in these essentials. Following are a […]

Feb 16th, 2016

Category: Fitness advice
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How does training while ill affect me?

  Even a mild sickness might interrupt your regular exercise routine. Should you exercise while sick or should you just take a break from the usual workout? The answer of course depends on the degree of illness. Say, if you are sneezing and coughing, continuing with the exercise regime is not a bad idea at […]

Feb 11th, 2016

Category: Personal Trainer
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The Value of Personal Training

The Value Of Personal Training   Are you a little (or a lot) overweight and unhappy? Always sick and tired? You know that you need to make changes, to eat better and exercise more, but where and how do you begin?   What’s holding you back? Is it your lack of confidence and lack of […]